Frequently Asked Questions about Car Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a car is a key factor in maintaining its health and efficiency. All parts of your car should receive proper care, as a problem in the performance of one of them can affect the performance of the car as a whole. This article discusses more deeply the maintenance of cars and answers some of the most common questions, all related to commonly underestimated problems.

Q1 How often should I wash my car in rainy seasons?

Many people consider rain to be completely non-harmful when talking about car paint care. Unfortunately, could not be more wrong! When air polluting gases react with water vapor in the clouds, nitric and sulfuric acids are formed. These then combine with raindrops and result in the phenomenon of “acid rain.” Although its nature is not so intense, this acid rain, when in constant contact with the body of your car, can disintegrate the molecules of your car’s paint and make the sleek look dull and dull. This process begins when acid rain on the surface of your car begins to dry. This way, it is highly recommended that you wash your car whenever it is exposed to rain. This is to ensure that the acids and other dangerous elements have been removed completely from your car.

Q2 Is it a good idea to park my car under the tree on hot days?

It is certainly better than letting your car cook under the scorching heat of the sun. However, there are great possibilities of unnecessary and undesirable things like bird droppings, tree sap, leaves, etc. land on his car and threaten his painting. You should always look for a place to park your car, and if there are none available, the Lanmodo car protection cover may be the great solution. This canopy for carscovers not only the entire body of your car but also protects it against any types of objects that may fall on it, such as bricks. In addition, the Lanmodo car protection cover is durable, foldable and compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car. This way, it is possible to take it whenever you want to create a VIP covered spot for you.

Q3 How do I turn on my car that has been stopped for 5 months?

Since the car is stationary for a very long time, its fluids and filters are very likely to be out of date. Therefore, the first step is to change everything that is overcome. Well, the most important part is the battery. If you have removed it from the car, and stored it in a place free of moisture, you do not have to worry. You should just wipe the poles and terminals with a baking soda bath and reinstall it. On the other hand, if this is not the case, you should buy a new battery to ensure efficient performance. Finally, lubricate the cylinders and other parts of the car to make sure everything is working properly. Once that’s done, start the car and start rolling!

Q4 Why is tire pressure important?

Having the right amount of tire pressure is an extremely important factor for safety. Low tire pressure is the main cause of early tire wear and unstable steering. In extreme conditions, if you are pushing too hard a tire with little pressure can happen to it literally explode and leave you in a terrible situation.

Q5 How do I know when my windscreen wipers should be replaced?

The standard life of a windscreen wiper is 6 months. Those of the highest quality can last up to a year, but this is their standard shelf life. However, if you do not know how long it takes you to use your cleaners, look for some common signs such as the inability to contact the entire surface of the windscreen, or the appearance of strident sounds, cracks in the rubber, inefficient cleaning, etc.

Q6 Is there any DIY way to restore the paint from the faded car?

An easy and quick way to restore a faded paint and return the shiny appearance to the car is to use polishing agents. They are cheap fluids that can return your car to its original appearance in just seconds after its application. In addition, there are also car paint restoration kits, which are a set of various items that can offer a real beauty session for your car.

Q7 What car protection coverage should I buy to park my car outdoors?

An ideal protective car cover should be durable, strong, protect against UV rays and against elements such as bird droppings, leaves and tree sap. At the same time, it should be easy to carry, convenient enough to carry on travel and serve as a nice shade for your vehicle. It is very difficult to find such a versatile car protection cover, but the Lammed car canopy has all these qualities and many others. It’s a remotely controlled product that can open and close at the touch of a few buttons and is foldable and small enough to fit inside your car’s trunk.

Lanmodo car cover can protect your car internally and externally

There is no reason not to buy a car cover, because if you store your vehicle indoors or outdoors, it needs to be protected. The risks that can cause damage to your car should be avoided so that you can maintain the appearance of the car and its performance. Each type of car cover is readily available in the market, however as there are many of them, it can be confusing and difficult to decide which is the best to be purchased. Car covers are not created in the same way. Some are good only for internal storage and the others are suitable for external storage, but there are also covers that can provide protection to cars, whether they are parked indoors or outdoors.

Interior car cover

Interior car cover is used to protect your car that you park inside a building, garage, covered parking lot or a store. There are internal elements that can damage a vehicle, such as dust, dirt and pollen. We can add here some dangers in the garage such as lawn equipment, children’s bicycles, gardening tools, children themselves and other luggage in the garage. An inner cover can keep the car clean of dust, dirt and pollen. There may be times when a child or two rush their bikes and run to see who is faster. In doing so, they let the handlebar rest on the car that is inside the garage. When a car is covered, this problem can be avoided. At the same time, you may decide that instead of buying an internal coverage, it would be better to choose the external coverage for heavy services. It may offer better protection and you can use it when, by chance, you choose to park your car outside.

External car cover

External car coverIt says it all. It is for protection of cars that are parked outdoors, under the tree, in the garage and on the streets. Firstly, there are exterior elements like railroad dust, aviation fuel particles and acid rain; and they all eat their paint and spoil the coat clear. There are also things like bird poop and tree sap that cause corrosion and are difficult to remove and leave marks of friction. Tree branches and cat claws should also be taken seriously as they will cause great damage to the car’s paint. The sun’s UV rays can also cause a lot of damage to your exterior and the interior will also be impacted. The leather or fabric seats will disappear and the panel will also be deformed. Weather elements – hail, snow and rain can cause great damage to your car if it is not covered.

How the Lanmodo cover protects your car

If your car is stored both indoors and outdoors, a Lanmodo car cover is able to protect it against the external elements. It will protect you against all bird droppings, tree sap and falling leaves. Your car will have sufficient protection against dust and dirt as well. Silver-plated Oxford fabric will prevent the sun from weakening the paint on your car, and also that the interior is not destroyed. The fiberglass frame makes the Lanmodo car cover quite stable and provides full support so it can withstand snow, hail and winds. Because the Lanmodo and Lanmodo Pro versions are large enough to cover an end-to-end vehicle, it can provide total protection to sedans, minivans, trucks and almost any other type and size of car you may have. The Lanmodo car cover is designed with a folding structure that makes it portable; so it’s super easy to carry in your trunk and use when and where you need to park. When it comes to protection, Lanmodo has you covered. He will take care of your car and protect you from the hazards in the garage and abroad.

Lanmodo can also enrich your outdoor life

The Lanmodo car cover is multifunctional, which means it can fulfill other functions besides protecting your car. With extra support and side awnings, you can convert into a camping tent, a parasol, a picnic umbrella, an outdoor theater and other types of tents that you can use for all your outdoor activities. You can go camping, picnicking, going to the beach, fishing, or hosting a party outside the home. When you have a Lanmodo car cover, you never have to worry about the tent that will give you shade or protection from the elements, thus enriching your outdoor life. When you are on a journey, your car becomes your pleasant and comfortable place, as if you were in your own home. Especially when you make long trips, you can eat your meals here, keep some important things and even make it your own private home, to live. That is why it is very important that you do some things to prevent any harmful or dangerous things from happening to your precious vehicle. Note that avoiding being a victim of car thieves is easy. Here are five things you should always do to protect the safety of your car.

  1. Hide your things before you reach your destination

The first rule should be: do not leave valuables in your car, but if you have to do this, make sure they are carefully stored in the trunk of your car, and do this before you get to the car. your destiny. High value items that are displayed in a visible area of your car can instantly attract the attention of thieves. It’s also very risky when criminals watch you transfer your things to your trunk. If you can, and they are not too bulky and heavy to carry, bring them with you to your destination.

What are some of the benefits of using Smart Car Cover from Lanmodo?

Smart car coverage from Lanmodo has a number of benefits for users. The coverage for car cars has more to offer to the users than other competitors in the market. It is easy to use and configure, with its complete installation taking only about 30 seconds. In addition, opening or closing this smart cover takes about 8s. The Smart Car Cover from Lanmodo is operated with a remote control, to make it simpler to use. That means it can be operated automatically, staying some distance from it. You will understand more about the benefits associated with Smart Cover for cars from Lanmodo when you read this article until the end.

Provides Protection Throughout the Year

Protecting a car is the main reason why people choose a car cover . There are already many types of car coverages on the market. Most covers are manually operated, but few are operated automatically. Among the few automatic covercraft car covers on the market, a large percentage of them are built specifically for a specific season or season. But, the smart cover for cars of the Lanmodowill protect your car the entire year. It will protect your car from the effects of UV rays, snow, high temperature, falling leaves, and hail. With this, car owners will not worry about their cars being damaged with a change in time. It is suitable for summer, winter, spring, and autumn. Being useful year-round is one of the benefits that made Lanmodo’s smart covers the best among competitors. That’s why every car owner should get their hands on a smart cover of the Lanmodo for your car.

Provides Protection Anywhere

It is good to choose a smart cover that will not overload you when you want to move around. You need the coverage that you can carry with you easily when you want to install it in your car. These are some of the benefits you enjoy with the smart coverage of Lanmodo. It is portable and mobile, making it easy for users to take it anywhere they go. It is the coverage designed for users to take with them, without being overloaded with weight. Only one person can install this coverage effortlessly. The portable coverage for Lanmodo cars offer the necessary protection to your car in any season, and can be carried with ease. With its portability, you can easily fold it and install it in the trunk when you want to take it.

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